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Regular keyword research always makes sense since keywords, their cost-per-click (if you are using AdWords) and rankings are always changing. The first step when starting just about any website project, blog post or campaign is keyword research and analysis. There are a lot of tools one can use in this process. Some are free, some can be purchased and installed on your computer, some are hosted and are subscription based. The last group tends to be the most comprehensive, residing on secure servers, fast and accessible from any browser on any platform, anywhere, anytime.

SECockpit is a major player in this space and deserves serious consideration.  There are three editions of SECockpit designed to fit your budget. Personal, Pro, and Agency.

Here are some additional advantages to SECockpit:

  • Keyword search results show how many visitors searched for a particular keyword and their ranking based on monthly searches vs competition as well as daily searches vs competition.
  • From a cost perspective, SECockpit compares favorably to what an outside agency would cost.
  • Speed - You can perform thorough keyword analysis on hundreds of keywords within a few of minutes.
  • You can expand on a keyword search by entering additional keywords or pasting up-to 100 additional keywords into an existing search.
  • Filtering of data is suported.
  • You can export the keyword data to an Excel file for further analysis or reorganization outside of SECockpit.
  • For each keyword, you will see full analysis of the top ten currently ranking pages for that keyword, including their PageRank, on-page optimization factors, backlink counts and more!
  • Rank Tracker is included with an SECockpit subscription.