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Your website with inCMS

...the innovative and intuitive website-solution. Includes hosting, no programming skills required.


inCMS allows you to create and edit your website directly online, whenever and wherever you like. inCMS is surprisingly easy to use. Inexperienced users learn how to use this software quickly and are able to create astonishing content.

Perfect for mobile devices

The website adapts to any screen size (responsive design) and is thus always automatically optimized for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Search engines will love you

inCMS offers all the functions that you need for clean on-page search engine optimization. Your website is programmed according to current SEO standards.

Automatic image preparation

You'll never again have to worry about pixels and resolution. The size and quality of the images that you insert on the website will automatically be optimized.

> 20 million photos and illustrations for your website

inCMS has its own built-in photo shop, over which you can access a huge database of inexpensive photographs and illustrations.

Well built

Your inCMS website is programmed according to the newest standards and will display correctly on all modern browsers and devices.

Using modules to create an appealing website

  • Text, images and layout grids
  • Colorful boxes and instruction elements
  • YouTube module with lots of configuration options
  • Form elements to create contact forms and more
  • Social Media modules, to integrate like buttons, comment boxes, etc.
  • Beautiful image galleries
  • Download-directory module
  • Site map module to display the menu structure or the current path
  • Blog module, including automatically publishing and deactivating messages (by date)
  • Source code module, to integrate external elements

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With several levels to choose from and training at each of them, Affilorama is meant to be employed by anyone who wants to make some extra money online as an affiliate marketer.  The training within the Affilorama is geared towards everything from the fundamental website set-up to more advanced promotional techniques.

There is no need to have prior knowledge of website building, hosting, marketing or content management.

There are several levels of the Affilorama Membership and different products to choose from including the very basic entry level to more advanced options that features several plug in tools.  

  • Easy to follow educational resources including software applications
  • Access to one of the largest affiliate marketing communities
  • Free option allows you to explore the basics without investment
  • Payment options for the Premium program includes a three year payment plan for convenience